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 Originally “Kiyari”was so to speak work songs as shouts to encourage many
  steeplejacks or construction workers and combine their powers, when they
  carried construction materials or other heavy things or laid a foundation.
  One of their characteristics is that there is no accompaniment and music and
  that they have always been handed down orally.
 Later as construction techniques have developed to reduce the work of trans-
  porting lumbers to a less hard one,those Kiyari songs that had the meaning
  to celebrate the completion of a building were sung.
  Also accomplished men among steeplejacks incorporated popular folk songs to
  encouraging shouts in order to make Kiyari Songs to sing for others which
  became popular.
  Their refined,smart and gallant feeling used to be the envy of people.
 One hundred and ten tunes of such Kiyari songs were designated as intangible
  cultural Properties of Tokyo in 1956 as “belonging to folk songs among local
  performances that have a characteristic feature in public entertainments. ”
  They have been handed down by members of the Association.

  "“Kiyari”Songs & book"


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