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 Ladder−top Stunts
 From the beginning steeplejacks (firefighters as well as construction workers)used
  to work using ladders.
  Swiftness,manliness and prudence were required of a steeplejack since he performed
  dangerous works on a high location,and the same qualities were required of a
  From this were adopted ladder−top stunts.
  Having taken trainings desperately,they become full−fledged performers.
 Ladder−top stunts were also used for long−distance viewing meaning “to ascertain
  the location by locking far. ” On the way to the scene of a fire, firefighters
  stood a 6.6 meter high ladder.0ne climbed to its top to make sure of the location of
  fire or in which direction the fire was burning.

  "Ladder−top Stunts"

  People can see their performances when they hang in the air from top or middle of
  However,those who demonstrate their skills on ladders are not acrobats who perform
  a flying trapeze in a circus.
  Please understand that they acquired those techniques cut of the necessity of daily

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